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Our sincerest apologies but due to cyclone damage we are unable to have a poultry competition at this year’s show but will have a poultry display only.

Reluctantly, the horse events will also be cancelled due to damage and lack of volunteers to assist with the running of the event.


Although Cyclone Debbie huffed and puffed and tried to blow our buildings down she didn’t succeed….well not totally!

So if anyone out there is wondering if there is going to be a show this year….the answer is “Yes! The Show will go on!” Dave, the reptile man, is back. So too is the petting farm along with my favourite, the miniature pig races! If you haven’t watched a race do yourself a favour and take the kids…so cute and hilarious!

Two new main ring acts have been booked for this year’s show, Walter, the Whipcracker and Mikayla Jade, Trick Rider. Back by popular demand is Monster Trucks, Demolition Derby and bigger and better than ever, Fireworks!!

Stay tuned for updates on entertainment and more exciting events for next year’s show.  It will be back bigger and better than ever!

The show committee would like to take this opportunity to thank last year’s Gem of the Coral Coast queens for their fund raising efforts.

We gratefully received funding from the grant that benefited so many in the community. With the money we were able to purchase a new PA system and a refreshing paint job

of the entrance to the show grounds. So once again our heartfelt thanks to the Gem of the Coral Coast Funding Programme!!